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 Why use an Independent Estate Agent

5 reasons to instruct an Independent Estate Agent to sell your property.    

Some people will prefer to instruct the larger name Estate Agent believing this offers them with more support and confidence in their property journey, however, this may not always be correct. There are many benefits of instructing an independent estate agent when selling your property or requiring other property services/solutions.

Listed below are 5 reasons to instruct an Independent Estate Agent over the bigger Corporate Estate Agents.

  1. An Independent Estate Agent is most likely to have knowledge regarding the local area they are based in

Local knowledge on the area you are selling your property in is essential – therefore, instructing an agent with experience and great understanding of the area goes a long way. Due to being based in this area and advertising properties frequently, they are more likely to know the following: who would be interested in purchasing this style of home, the property market, and make your property stand out from the rest and attract the right buyers due to experience.

This is a more tailored service and benefits you as a seller.

  1. Independent Agents have developed relationships, trust, loyalty and a reputation in their local area

Choosing a local independent estate agent means that they are likely to be recommended by a friend or family member (word of mouth) or have been heard of within the area. If the agency has provided a positive and personal service to other residents within the area, or have assisted in selling their home, this will automatically boost confidence in the Independent Agent.

Having a good reputation within the area promotes and makes the process of selecting an Estate agent more attractive.

  1. Quality over Quantity

 It won’t be a surprise to learn that Independent Estate Agents have smaller workloads compared to corporate estate agents. Bigger corporations are almost certainly busier as they have larger client’s lists and budget. This is where automated services would play a big roles in order to funnel clients to ensure they get through to the right department. There may be times when it is difficult to get through to the company to assist with your needs, but, bear in mind that this is not always the case.

Yet, there are times when Estate Agents must be more practical and provide a tailored and personal service to their clients in their property journey. You are more likely to receive this from an independent agent as they can afford to focus more on the client.

  1. Independent Agents will dedicate time and focus to each of their clients

 An Independent Estate Agent is likely to provide each of their clients, tenants and landlords with more time and focus. An agent from a major firm will have targets they will have to meet and they will likely have a broader portfolio, for that reason, this may mean they may not be acquainted with your property in an in-depth manner. It may mean they don’t have the time to get to know you on a personal level, find out about what your property has to offer or help you make the property presentable and attractive to serious buyers.

  1. You will receive a better price from an Independent Estate Agent

A huge factor for instructing a local independent estate agent (and probably one of the most important to sellers and landlords) is the sale fees. 9 times out of 10 Independent agencies are cheaper in price, this may also exclude VAT on top. Bigger firms may try to meet the price of an independent agent in order to win the instruction but bare in mind that there will most likely be VAT added to the total as well. Therefore, making Independent Agents more affordable.

If you are looking to sell your property with a trusted Independent Estate Agent then get in touch to find out more, we would love to help!

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