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Putting your house on for sale and getting viewings is exciting. After all, that viewer could be the perfect buyer for your home.

When your house is on the open market, it’s important that it looks its best at all times. It’s all about dressing to impress, so here are a few steps to help you dress your home.


Step 1: Kerb appeal

If your viewer doesn’t love the look of your home from the front, they may never get past the front door! This is something we have already blogged about, check out the blog post on Kerb Appeal.


Step 2: Give the WOW factor inside

So now we have the outside sorted, let’s give a WOW factor for the inside of the house. Styling the interior of your home to make it more attractive for viewings doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are a few home styling accessories that will add some stylish touch for your viewer

  1. Beautiful flowers – Having a nice bouquet of flowers in a vase placed on the dining table add elegance and brings out the nice floral smell in the room.
  2. Fruit – Look to have a fruit bowl to add that instant contemporary style. Traditional oranges, green apples or lemons look wonderful.
  3. Cushions – A simple way to add some colour and texture into the room.
  4. New bedding – especially for the master bedroom, have plain, neutral designs with maybe some colour cushions or a throw. A simple touch and you have a hotel-style bedroom.
  5. Rugs – If you don’t already have one, a nice large rug can transform a room. A rug will add warmth and style.
  6. Towels – Bring out some nice, new and fresh towels during the viewing. Viewers will find these eye-catching.
  7. Toiletries matter – splash out on some luxury toiletries as they keep a lasting impression for the viewer and just keep them out for viewings.



Step 3: The final check

Now that you have covered the outside and inside, where is a final quick check to make sure everything is in order for the viewing:

  1. Open windows – Lets some fresh air in the house.
  2. Hide your laundry – check radiators and put away clothes away to hide all signs of domestic chores. Viewers are interested in the perfect home.
  3. Shut all your doors – let the viewers open them, so each room becomes a little ‘surprise’.
  4. Pets – Remove any items of pets, this can be off-putting especially if you are not a pet lover.
  5. Is it warm enough? Even though you have opened the windows for fresh air, viewers still need a warm, welcoming home to look around.
  6. Put all toilet seats down – this is a must!


So now your home is looking perfect – inside, outside, and you’ve checked to make sure your viewers don’t see anything they shouldn’t. The last final thing is the atmosphere!


That most important element that can put your viewers at ease and relax them so that they enjoy viewing your home, is having the warm welcoming atmosphere. Maybe light some lightly-scented candles and put on some lamps to create a lovely warm glow. Do you have a fireplace? Maybe light it before the viewing also playing some soft music in the background is a nice touch. All this to make the viewers experience an unforgettable one so they fall in love with your home!


If you’re selling your home – or thinking of it, we’d love to have a chat with you. Call the office on 0121 647 6779 for a chat.


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